Annotated Bibliography of Language and Language Use in North and Central Maluku

Cakalele This bibliograhpy was compiled in 1996 as a project for the University of Hawai'i Manoa Center for Southeast Asian Studies. A printed version is available there as CSEAS Working Paper 40. . The online version was originally implemented in Perl using cgi scripting, then migrated to php in 1998. I presently do not have access to a server which permits php scripting, so I'm displaying here the entire bibliographic database (508 records), alphabetized by author. This is somewhat unfortunate, as it is no longer possible to list entries by keyword or by language. But for reference I've included the keywords in green, displayed below the annotations.

Additional information can be found in the introduction to the print version.

--Gary Holton, 8 July 2006

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Jansen, H.J.
1933. Gegevens over Boeroe (1929).. Adatrechtbundels 36: 463-89.
Travel report by the Dutch assistant resident, includes comparative wordlists for Ambonese Malay, Buru and Garan.
Buru, vocabulary, Buru, language use, Ambonese Malay

Jansen, H.J.
1933. Gegevens over Geser, Boela en de Gorong; of Goram;-eilanden (1928).. Adatrechtbundels 36: 490-4.
Travel report on by the Dutch assistant resident makes several remarks about language use in eastern Seram.
Seram, language use

Jansen, H.J.
1933. Inheemsche groepen-systemen in de Ambonsche Molukken (1929).. Adatrechtbundels 36: 445-59.
Description of the complex system of social divisions in central Maluku, including the numerological basis of the siwa-lima division. Includes much indigenous terminology.
Ambon, folk taxonomy

Jansen, H.J.
1939. Ethnographische bijzonderheiden van enkele Ambonsche negorijen. (1930).. Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde 98: 326-68.
Ethnographic survey of several villages on Ambon, includes some terminology in Ambonese Malay.
Ambon, ethnography

Jansen, H.J.
1977. Indigenous classification systems in the Ambonese Moluccas.. Structural Anthropology in the Netherlands: A Reader, , ed. by P.E. de Josselin de Jong. The Hague: Martinus Nijhoff.
English translation of Jansen (1933).